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Luxury Yoni Steam Chair

Majestic Interiors Co. are the original designers and creators of the luxury throne steam chair.


Q: What type of wood is used for the chairs steam compartment?

A: The interior walls of the base of our chairs are NOT wooden. Each chairs interior steam compartment is lined with mildew, mold, and bacteria resistant sanitation panels that meet OSHAs standards for safety and infectious disease control. These panels reduce the development of spores, mold, mildew and many other harmful bacteria caused by moisture created within the steam compartment during use. 


Q: What type of material (fabric) are the chairs made of? 


A: All chairs are produced using medical grade vinyl that is manufactured to meet the following typical properties. Contents 100% pvc. Cold crack -10F. Wyzenbeck 100K cycles. Pink stain resistant ( ASTCMP E1428)- PASS. Heat Sealable- YES. Mildew Resistant (ASTCMP G21) -PASS. Anti-Bacterial/Anti-Microbial (AATCCP 147) - PASS. OSHA approved.

Q: How long is production time?

A: Production times can range from 2-8weeks depending on the order. 

Q: What are the customization details?

A: You can customize the color fabric (over 30 colors), Color and style of buttons, Nail head trim color, Seat color, and leg color.

Yoni steam colors

Client Gallery

All images are of actual Majestic Interiors Customers. The misuse of the images for marketing purposes for anyone other the clients or Majestic Interiors Co. is prohibited. The misuse of photos of Majestic Interiors Co. images of products we designed and created for any reason without authorization is prohibited. 

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