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Majestic Interiors Co. are

experts in bringing the best of unique, creative design, and high end value to your interior environments.

Our interior design expertise and professional services seek to construct elaborate, unique, functional interior environments. We provide a timeless experience filled with passion, knowledge, and creativity. Combined with vibrant colors, plush textiles, bespoke furnishings and unique concepts for a one of a kind experience. 

yoni steam chair




Majestic Interiors Co. are the original designers and inventors of the Luxury Throne Yoni Steam Chair.


We have the ONLY chairs that are designed and built to meet OSHAs guidelines for safety and sanitation.



As Interior Designers, we are not here to just "Make things pretty". We strive to design and create functional, memorable spaces that meet code requirements and the extraordinary demands placed upon the built architectual enviornment. 

interior design daytona beach and palm coast florida. Interior desgn
interior design daytona beach florida and palm coast interior design


Interior Design is the art and science of  combining elements of elaborate  textures,  vivid colors, intriguing and abstract patterns, natural or man made lighting, open and closed forms, dynamic and bold  lines, and most importantly a MAJESTIC foundation of space.


Unique and satisfying elements, custom made just for you. Enhancing your interior environment like no other.

interior design daytona beach florida